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23, Gemeni. I'm a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend.


Favorite Shows of All-Time: 24, BTVS, ATS, Charmed & The Cosby Show, Tree Hill, Smallville. etc My current: SPN, Sleepy Hollow Arrow... so much more.

Love sports, NBA #1: Current favorite NBA Players are: Griffin, Rose, Rondo & Dirk Nowitzki etc. WWE #2.


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Anticipated Ships

             Top Three Anticipated Ships for the 2014-2015 Season.


1. Damon & Bonnie - Five years of waiting, seeing as how Season 5 ended, Season 6 better not disappoint. They are the main reason I’ve giving TVD another try, it’s time for some new stories for that show. Return Date Oct. 2nd

2. Oliver & Felicity - The pairing I loved right from their first season, it might just be there year for Season 3. Without a doubt, the best built pairing on Arrow. Return Date Oct. 8th

3. Ichabod & Abbie - I loved them platonic, but if they get together. I ain’t complaining. No need to let all that great chemistry go to waste. Their scenes are always perfection, they just click and with how Season 1 ended, it’d be nice to see how their relationship bounces back. Return Date Sept. 22

Honorary Mentions: Captain Swan [built so perfectly!]. Barry/Iris, hopefully are written correctly. 

        Fav Damon [&] Bonnie comeback lines to each other.

willow and oz + reactions when the other says/does something cute

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